GitHub Copilot Tips and Tricks

GitHub Copilot Tips and Tricks

Enable/Disable Specific Languages in VSCode

In VSCode you can enable and disable specific languages by adding the following to your settings.json file:

    "github.copilot.enable": {
        "*": true,
        "plaintext": true,
        "markdown": true,
        "scminput": false,
        "yaml": false

Enable/Disable Specific files in your project

If you want to enable or disable specific files in your project you can add a .copilotignore file to your project. This has the same syntax as a .gitignore file.

# Ignore all files in the .vscode folder

# Ignore all certificate files

# Ignore all files in the bin folder

Master the Shortcut Keys

Action Shortcut
Accept an inline suggestion Tab
Dismiss an inline suggestion Esc
Show next inline suggestion Alt + ]
Show previous inline suggestion Alt+ [
Trigger inline suggestion Alt + \
Open GitHub Copilot (additional suggestions in separate pane) Ctrl + Enter

Use Copilot for non-programming tasks

Copilot can be used for more than just programming tasks. It can also be used for writing documentation, emails, and even poetry!